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"Thank you for finding the potential in each and every individual that walks through your doors."  -- K. Bilstad

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As an Aikijujutsu dojo, The Martial Arts Studio teaches Aiki Kempo as its empty hand -- or striking -- art. 

Kempo Jutsu ("Fist Law") is a classical blocking and striking system that was born on the fuedal battlefields of Japan.  Samurai art.... born on the battlefield. If a warrior was disarmed, or even dropped his weapon out of necessity for when a warrior dropped his weapon. This hand-to-hand combative art is based upon understanding:

     * Movement.
​     * 
Proper body mechanics.
     * Flow and economy of motion.

Train in Aiki Kempo at The Martial Arts Studio and you'll learn:

    * How to out move your opponent... and never get hit. 

Because by knowing where to strike... when to kick... and how to get out of the way, Aiki Kempo is an effective tool to defending yourself and winning the fight.  It's effective and efficient. 

Interested and intrigued? Come in and experience a class for yourself. We love to share what we do.

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Aiki Kempo

         Full-time dojo serving Chester County since 1998.
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