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  • The traditional self-defense martial art of Kempo for empty-hand combat skills.
  • Weapons training to know how to use and defend against a knife, gun, stick, etc.
  • Pressure Point for tight situations.
  • Escaping techniques… situational awareness… and much more.

All you need to protect yourself and the ones you love.

Now, the Aiki Kempo classes shouldn’t be confused with a 4- or 6- week self defense course. Those courses just scratch the surface of self defense training. Aiki training is ongoing. You’ll (1) earn belts… (2) get certifications… (3) gain a heck of a lot of confidence… and, of course, (4) learn how be and stay safe.

Got questions? We’ll be happy to answer them. Just contact us using the form to the right.  

​(Aiki Kempo classes are held on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:15pm)


"Thank you for finding the potential in each and every individual that walks through your doors."  -- K. Bilstad

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You're interested in learning how to defend yourself and your family. Fantastic. We can help. At the Martial Arts Studio, we offer an Aiki Kempo class that teaches a COMPLETE self-defense system.  

You’ll learn everything from…

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