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Blog & Newsletter
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Our Story


Do You Believe in Magic?
By Mrs. Sarah La France

Even at 12 years old my daughter still believed in Santa Claus. In fact, she believed in ALL of it. She believed that the Elf on the Shelf moved every night. That reindeer could fly. And that by lying on her back and putting her head under the Christmas tree, she could talk directly to Santa. After all, the tree does look like a big antenna. 

And every year, she came home telling me that her friends and classmates were trying to discourage her from believing. Because at 12 years old, she should realize that magic (including Santa) doesn’t exist… right?


It is important to believe in those things that you can’t necessarily see or touch… like Santa. Because life is not always full of things that you can measure and hold in your hands. It’s messy. Full of twists, turns, ups, downs and most definitely, surprises. And sometimes, in order to get up and go on you simply have to believe.

Because without having the capacity to believe in the unseen, how are you going to be able to have faith that you made the right choices? Or adapt if your life plan goes off course?

Believing helps us to stay positive in the face of adversity. See the possibilities in the world and those we share it with. And most importantly, believing helps us to have a strong sense of self… something we need in order to trust our own actions.

I hope that my daughter always believes in magic (like Santa, superheroes, and those things that she can’t see). Because all those things do exist. In every kind gesture, helping hand, and new idea we encounter. Believing is pure magic and it’s what truly makes the world go round.

"The Martial Arts Studio isn't just a place to train, it's a second home. The staff makes you feel like family. And you know they put everything they have into their program and their students."  -- N. Gober

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