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#1… Change pushes you out of your comfort zone.
Life in the comfort zone is easy. You get your morning Starbucks. Head off to work. Do your job. Come home. Make and eat dinner. And life is comfortable. Simple with no surprises.

When change comes it pushes you out of that predictable routine. Challenges your assumptions. Tests your skills. And even makes you question your belief system. By forcing you to re-evaluate not only what you do but how you do it, change pushes you to grow mentally, spiritually, and even physically. Building  a stronger you.

#2… Change forces you to experience MORE.
Like new opportunities… perspectives… and relationships. Things you haven’t seen or experienced before. Honestly, look back at your life. How many completely awesome things happened because you stepped outside of your box and did (or viewed) something differently. Would you have met your spouse? Climbed that mountain? Even taken that career path? Each one of those different experiences has taught you something new about yourself. Something that you could never learn in school or on the job. And all those new things have made you a better you.

#4… Change makes you more flexible and adaptable.
Yup. Change can make you feel like a rubber band. Stretched every which way to the point of breaking. But when you’re there -- at your limits -- you realize exactly how much you can adapt… pivot. And that gives you confidence. The armor needed to thrive in new, unexpected situations. Because you know you can take the punches and keep on rolling. Even flourishing under the new rules.  

#5… Change helps you have more fun.
Being open to change means that you’re more likely to say “Yes” when a new experience or opportunity comes your way. More doors will open. More friends will be met. And more adventures taken. Oh, just imagine the fun places you’ll go… all because you decided to embrace change. 

Yes, I know. It all sounds good. But easier said (or read) then done, right. Just remember, not all change has to be extreme. Take some baby steps. Because just one small thing -- one small change -- can make all the difference.   

#3… Change challenges you to find out who you really are.
Life can throw you a curveball. It can be fast, slow or right to the head. And when that curveball hits, you realize
you’re going to have to change the way you think. Update that mindset. This is when you find out exactly what
you can handle… and what you can’t. You learn your limitations and the strength of your will. This helps you to
find out exactly what you’re made of. What you can take and keep on pushing forward. I think Rock Balboa said it
best (shout out to my fellow Philadelphians), “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about
​how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

As a person who FIGHTS against change at every turn, I wondered if I should be the one writing this little ditty. But truth be told, I’m probably the best person for this job. Because I -- like the majority of humans  -- fight change… all the time. Yup. Completely resist it tooth and nail.

But change is inevitable (no matter what we tell ourselves). Eventually we all have to give in to it. And if I look back at where I was before changing -- and where I end up after changing -- I must grudgingly agree that change is beneficial. Because… 

Top 5 Reasons Why Change is Good!
By Mrs. Sarah La France, Makoto & The Martial Arts Studio

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