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The Students….

Anybody who wants to open a school can. Anyone can claim to have a 9th-degree Black Belt can. Ask them to show you their Sensei. Where he came from? His own personal documentation.

In the first two (2) parts of this series, I discussed the importance of knowing what style you want to take and some important factors/questions to look at when shopping schools.

Lastly… you should ALWAYS visit the dojos you are interested in to see: 

The Sensei…

How to Select a Dojo for your Child: Part III
By Sensei La France

  • Is the facility clean is the training area clean?
  • Again is everything and everyone spotlessly clean and professional.
  •  Use the bathroom and check it if their bathroom is dirty than their dirty
  • Are students/parents wearing shoes on the dojo floor? Tracking outside dirt on the dojo floor is a health issue especially for any style that does a form of groundwork. 

The Dojo Community….

Now, most people won’t go farther than 5 miles for a dojo. That’s an actual statistic. And it’s a shame. Because who knows if that dojo that is 7 miles away is perfect for you. It could be.

SHOP AROUND. Find what works for you. That – everything else aside – is the most important thing.

And that is all I have to say about choosing a martial arts dojo. Hope it was helpful. And no worries, I’ve got a lot more things to say about the martial arts. So stay tuned. I’ll be back.


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  • How are the students interacting with each other?
  • Do Seniors students help Junior students or are they ignoring them?
  • Does the group have a tight respectful manner?
  • How do the students treat the instructor? Are they respectful?
  • Are people using first names? [This is a no-no in most martial arts schools]
  • What is the Sensei’s background? Degrees earned?
  • What is his lineage? Has he learned from official Masters and Instructors?
  • Does he practice what he preaches? Like respect... being in shape... and being focused.

The Dojo Itself….

  • Does everybody look like they’re having a good time?
  • Are the parents in the lobby happy? Do they rave about the dojo? Ask them… they’ll tell you!
  • Do you just plain like the people? The atmosphere?