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"Thank you for teaching me in Fitness Kickboxing. I haven't had that much fun working out since playing on a team!"   K. McMullin

So skip the gym. Get re-invigorated with a high-energy Ftiness Kickboxing classes. And find the true workout warrior in YOU!

  • Fat Loss because your higher metabolism will make you a fat burning machine!
  • Muscle Toning for longer, leaner and sexier muscles.
  • Increased Endurance so you can keep up with your hectic schedule..
  • Greater Confidence because you’ll LOVE the way you look.
  • A Good Mood because Fitness Kickboxing is FUN!
Punch your boss in the nose! Or, kick that cranky neighbor in the knee! You can IMAGINE doing all that and more during a bag-slamming… fat-blasting… stress-releasing Fitness Kickboxing class.

Each 60-minute power packed class is guaranteed to not only burn calories — up to 800 — but whittle away all your daily frustrations. Plus during each and every Fitness Kickboxing class, you'll enjoy ALL these following benefits…
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Fitness Kickboxing