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  • Get physical to be useful.
  • Care from the inside out.
  • And attack life with intent..
  • Quality pushups and sit ups.
  • Combatitive self defense.
  • Throws and lifts.
  • Weapons defense (nunchuku, double sticks and sword).
That is why at The Martial Arts Studio we built the Youth program around the martial art of Aiki-jujutsu

As one of the OLDEST martial arts -- more than 2,000 years old -- Aiki-jujutsu is a TOTAL martial art. One that focuses on developing the whole body, including the strength of will.

Sure, with Aiki-jujutsu your kids will learn how to punch… kick… throw… and lock. But they’ll also be developing true body strength. With The Martial Arts Studio’s Aiki-jujutsu program they’ll be training to do:   

Because no martial arts training is worth anything if you can’t use it. And at The Martial Arts Studio is our goal (once again) to make kids who can do amazing things. 

To learn more about our Youth Aiki-jujutsu program send us an email, or give The Martial Arts Studio a call at… 610-280-0873. Our staff would love to help answer your questions about the dojo… our Senseis… and Aiki-jujutsu.


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All that translates to being able to throw a ball farther. Jump higher. And kick a ball harder.

It also means that in real life your children will not only be strong, but feel strong. And with true strength of body and mind, they’ll be able to use their Aiki-jujutsu training when needed. They’ll be able to:

  • Stand strong when protecting a friend who is being bullied.
  • Win a fight.
  • Run away from a bad situation if needed… and out run anyone behind them.
  • Protect themselves and anyone they are with.

Still have a few questions that need to be answered? We'd love to help. Send us a message and we'll get right back to you.

"It takes a village to raise a child and I am glad that The Martial Arts Studio is part of my village."  -- T. Duffy

At The Martial Arts Studio, it is our goal to build heroes… kids who can do amazing things. And we can’t do that by teaching a martial sport like Tae Kwon Do or MMA. Because the martial arts is more than just kicking and punching to win a trophy. It’s about becoming a better person who will…     

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Youth Martial Arts (for 6-12 years)