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Sara began studying martial arts at the age of 8.  She began her formal, mentored training in both internal and external styles under Master Nick Scrima (OH/FL), coach to numerous national and international martial arts champions.  Since 1996, Sara has been training with her mentor Master José Johnson (PA) who has been internationally recognized as one of the top 100 extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists in the world.  She has also studied with Master Peter Warr (UK). Sara has been influenced by Master Pat Rice (VA), Master Nick Gracenin(DC), Dr. Jay Dunbar (NC), Master Su Zifang (CA), Master Sam Masich (Canada/Europe), Master Liang Shouyu (Canada), and Professor Li Deyin (China).  Sara continues to study with many other leading T’ai Chi Masters and Grandmasters from the US, China, Asia, Europe, and Canada.

"I am so grateful for Ms. Gellhorn's teaching. Her commitment to the study, practice and play of Taiji is infectious. I've been studying with her for three years now. As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Massage Therapist, I never hesitate to recommend her classes. She is always  friendly, relaxed and conscientious about her teaching."  -- D. Lopez

Check out class schedule for the times and location of Ms. Gellhorn's T'ai Chi classes.

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  1. Balance... the foundation of movement. The concept of Yin and Yang is based in balance.Type your paragraph here.

  2. Harmony. Using your understanding your own internal balance of yin and yang to gracefully blend your energy with your surroundings and the other people you encounter. 

  3. Strength. When there is no need to struggle,  you can use the skills you have gained to move with confidence and power through any terrain. 

T'ai Chi is more than a healthy lifestyle or martial program.  It is a vibrant system of movement that acts as metaphor for life with the following three touchstones.

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         Full-time dojo serving Chester County since 1998.
                                                 14 N. Village Ave. Exton, PA

 “The philosophies and discipline that ground our training are also the underpinnings of our everyday lives. Whether we are musicians, scientists, waiters, CEOs, or accountants, the fundamentals of relationships and the search for a balanced life are universal.  Finding a balanced life requires effort and conscious decisions.  We need to know how and when to go with flow, what it means to ground ourselves, and how to store and spend our energy with efficiency and grace. T’ai Chi helps us develop the skills and knowledge to enhance our lives.” -- Sara Gellhorn

T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art that was originally practiced for self defense. Today, the discipline of T'ai Chi is respected worldwide as a method to improving physical and cognitive abilities. Often called "medication in motion", T'ai Chi uses a system of low impact exercises, rhythmic patterns, and integrated postures helps students to:
  • 1987 BS Applied Physics , Columbia University
  • 1991  Certified  Instructor Master Nick Scrima
  • 1997 Taste of China  Women’s Push hands Grand Champion
  • 1998 Taste of China Women’s Push hands Grand Champion
  • 2000 Taste of China Forms Grand Champion.
  • 2000 USAWKF Women’s Internal Forms Grand Champion
  • 3rd Degree Black-Belt Kung Fu Master Nick Scrima
  • 5th Degree Black-Belt  Wushu Sanshou Dao Association
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Master José Johnson
  • Book and Media Reviewer Journal of Chinese Martial Arts 2011-
  • Increase flexibility & strength.
  • Improve fitness & posture.
  • Boost balance.
  • Provide some aerobic conditioning.

T'ai Chi with Sara Gellhorn